Storytelling Show – Jordan Hall

On May 22, playwright Jordan Hall joined me on the Storytelling Show to talk about her new play How to Survive an Apocalypse, premiering at The Firehall Arts Centre (with Touchstone Theatre) on June 2, 2016. We talk apocalypses, prepper culture, resilience planning, eating groundhogs and the upcoming season 3 of Carmilla: The Series.

If you’d like to add to your own apocalypse playlist, the songs we mention are “Everything I Build” by The Stills, “I Won’t Back Down” by Dawn Landes, and “Apocalypse Pop Song” by Memphis.

The Storytelling Show Live!

Last weekend, my Storytelling Show cohosts and I got together for a special group show in anticipation of our upcoming live event on August 22 at Lost + Found Cafe (33 W Hastings Street).

Amidst the laughter, we talked about Taylor Swift, music that makes us feel things and women we admire. You can download or stream the full episode through Vancouver Co-op Radio.

Tickets and details about the live event are available through Brown Paper Tickets

Anecdotal Evidence

I recently had an opportunity to be a part of a live storytelling event here in Vancouver called Anecdotal Evidence. The event focused on stories about science and featured a number of great performers, including my Storytelling Show colleagues Chelsea Rooney and Vanessa Woznow.

A couple of years ago, thanks to a research grant from the very kind people at Access Copyright, I travelled back to Miyagi Prefecture and toured a few of the cities that had been seriously damaged or destroyed in the 2011 Great Tohoku Tsunami. It was a challenging journey and I saw many haunting images and scenes of extraordinary resilience that I will never forget, but the most emotional part of the trip was a day I spent with my friend Achiko and her friend Yuka in the town of Onagawa.

Take a listen to the story below–it only clocks in at about 8 minutes.

Storytelling Show with Kim Fu

On the evening of Nov 2, novelist and advice giver Kim Fu joined me on The Storytelling Show on Vancouver Co-op Radio. We chatted about what it’s like for a first time author to promote a book, the recent controversy over a radio host who shall not be named, and the intricacies of advice giving in the internet age. Download or stream the episode online.

This episode featured music from Antony and the Johnsons, Grimes, Austra, and Chilly Gonzales.

Storytelling Show with Poet Leah Horlick

On Sunday evening, July 13, Leah Horlick joined me on The Storytelling Show on Vancouver Coop Radio. We talked about her upcoming poetry collection, For Your Own Good (coming from Caitlin Press in 2015), the silence surrounding violence in queer relationships, the prairies, and the ever controversial phenomenon of trigger warnings.

This episode featured music from Aunty Panty, The SeahagsFern, and Coasting.