Anecdotal Evidence

I recently had an opportunity to be a part of a live storytelling event here in Vancouver called Anecdotal Evidence. The event focused on stories about science and featured a number of great performers, including my Storytelling Show colleagues Chelsea Rooney and Vanessa Woznow.

A couple of years ago, thanks to a research grant from the very kind people at Access Copyright, I travelled back to Miyagi Prefecture and toured a few of the cities that had been seriously damaged or destroyed in the 2011 Great Tohoku Tsunami. It was a challenging journey and I saw many haunting images and scenes of extraordinary resilience that I will never forget, but the most emotional part of the trip was a day I spent with my friend Achiko and her friend Yuka in the town of Onagawa.

Take a listen to the story below–it only clocks in at about 8 minutes.