Storytelling Show – Jordan Hall

On May 22, playwright Jordan Hall joined me on the Storytelling Show to talk about her new play How to Survive an Apocalypse, premiering at The Firehall Arts Centre (with Touchstone Theatre) on June 2, 2016. We talk apocalypses, prepper culture, resilience planning, eating groundhogs and the upcoming season 3 of Carmilla: The Series. If you'd like … Continue reading Storytelling Show – Jordan Hall


Theatre Preview: TJ Dawe in Medicine

Vancouver Sun, January 10, 2014: TJ Dawe seems like an easy person to share your secrets with. Maybe it’s the way he speaks the day we meet in the bowels of the historic Firehall Arts Centre — softly and with a gentle urgency. Or maybe it’s his willingness to reach into his own soul and … Continue reading Theatre Preview: TJ Dawe in Medicine

Chilly Gonzales is the master of his instrumental domain

This profile of pianist Chilly Gonzales was written for the Vancouver Sun in November 2012. Chilly Gonzales isn't afraid to throw down a gauntlet. "I happen to think that instrumental music is the best way to get emotional power across, more so than words and music together," he announces over the phone from Quebec, where … Continue reading Chilly Gonzales is the master of his instrumental domain

Canadian Fiction Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7 of Canadian Fiction Podcast features Michael V. Smith reading from his gorgeous short story "What We Wanted." Smith's novel, Cumberland (Cormorant Books, 2002), was nominated for the Amazon/Books in Canada First Novel Award. His first book of poetry,What You Can’t Have (Signature Editions, 2006), was short-listed for the ReLit Prize. In 2008, he published a hybrid book of concrete … Continue reading Canadian Fiction Podcast Episode 7

Canadian Fiction Podcast Episode 5

Episode 5 of Canadian Fiction Podcast features Sigal Samuel, an award-winning playwright whose fiction and personal journalism has appeared in the Walrus, This Magazine, Room Magazine and other publications. She will be reading Death Like Clockwork, which appeared in the spring 2011 issue of Descant.