Maisonneuve Spring Issue

Private English schools in Canada are a billion dollar industry. In Vancouver alone, these schools employ more than 1000 teachers, staff and other support workers, but are we doing enough to protect students who come to Canada to learn? My cover story in the Spring 2017 issue of Maisonneuve explores what lead to the closure of one such school and … Continue reading Maisonneuve Spring Issue


Storytelling Show – Minah Lee

This Sunday on The Storytelling Show, I had the pleasure of interviewing poet and artist Minah Lee who has been a part of the Vancouver culture scene since moving here from South Korea nine years ago. We talked about the challenges around artists seeking permanent residency in Canada as well as creating between cultures and … Continue reading Storytelling Show – Minah Lee

Storytelling Show with Erin Flegg

On the evening of January 25, 2015, I chatted with journalist Erin Flegg on the Storytelling Show about her experiences during the Burnaby Mountain protests and the challenges of balancing journalism with activism. Go to to listen online or download the episode. The episode featured music by La Luz, Tanya Tagaq, PS I Love You, and Grimes.  

How camera phones short-circuit human decency

In this essay for the Random House of Canada online magazine Hazlitt I explore how omnipresent digital cameras kept bystanders from intervening during a violent encounter on Vancouver's Granville strip. Many professional journalists agonize over the ethics of this kind of reporting. Some argue that journalistic objectivity overrides any particular responsibility to act. Photojournalists train … Continue reading How camera phones short-circuit human decency